Healing bug during boss fight


I play on Official PVE Conflict #1215 server. During a boss fight, I can’t use Aloe Extract, neither from my speed-goal nor from my bag (I don’t have any bad effects, e.g. poison). If I take it off the hotkey, I can’t put it back. The problem doesn’t go away until I restart the game. The problem can already be seen with one-skull bosses.

Update. If I die, the matter is fixed, but it appears again with the boss.

If you have any tips, I would appreciate it.

Sincerely, Laci

I have a tip, use this link so your bug report actually gets processed. I’ve seen others with this or a similar problem so use the link so it gets addressed.

NEW Bug Report Template

Mount on your horse and get back down to temporarily fix it, or jump in water and back out

I have observed that this bug that freezes your capacity to move stuff on the hotbar and use healing items (the use command does not even appear) its related indeed with the mount.

You can make it happen by trying to climb on the horse from a wrong angle. You will fail to mount, but I guess that the game register as a suscefull mount and freezes you ability to heal and organize your hotbar.

You can make sure you will not inccur in the bug by mounting and dismouting, as Xevyr suggested and not trying to mount again until you finish the fight.

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