Health Bar Not Showing on Enemies

I am playing Co-op and today when we started our session, none of the enemies are showing an hp bar/knockout meter. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Welcome to the Forum. Several years ago my wife and I playing Co-Op and we that problem
Check your settings don’t recall which . @randomdeadguy

We’ve checked a few, there are none on the server side relating to enemy hp bars, and only one in Gameplay, which I unchecked and rechecked it, there were no changes.

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I went into my wife’s offline game and looked could not see anything that would cause the problem changed some I was not sure of. You could set both server side and game play back to default. And then change things back to your preferred settings one at a time. @Croms_Faithful any ideas. @randomdeadguy . If you fix the issue let us know how.

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