Heavy Payload's behaviour

After the change to how Auto-loader works, i believe that Heavy Payload is acting odd.

Here’s how Auto-loader works now: it adds 40% chance to generate a grenade to whatever the current chance to get a grenade is at that point in time. The next grenade, as a result, gets an updated % chance to get loaded, and if that percentage goes above 100%, the overflow is then translated into the next grenade, etc…

I’ve conducted some tests with Heavy Payload, and it seems like it basically works like it used to on live - it straight out gives you 41% chance to load a grenade, without caring at all about the GPM system. This might be intended, and if so, that’s fine, but it feels odd to have such a passive based on pure randomness considering how Auto-loader got reworked (and how AEL-550 works too, by giving an additional 100% to the current grenade % chance after having used an elite ability).

I think that if this passive gets reworked in a similar way to how Auto-loader now works, it could be a great deal of fun to play with this new mechanic, instead of just still carrying a full 41% RNG proc that many people currently dislike on live. That could also mean that with a given rotation, some people would be able to guarantee a grenade’s load with this passive, instead of it just being always random.