Heavy undermesh. server 3207 europe ps4

Good morning, I need to report people who are building on “Undermap”.

I play on the 3207 Europe pvp server ps4,
And there is a clan called “Jinetes Hiboria”, who have dedicated themselves to building undermap, in 6H.

There they have a totally decorative construction and underground they have a massive construction.

These people have been abusing in many ways, undermap in 6H.

Massive construction at 8, 7 D.
and 8.7 O, P …
Places where they have eliminated the respawn of bosses and resources.

And absolutely everything they earn, they take to their undermap.


you need to report it thru this link. Submit a request – Funcom

believe me … I’ve already sent 6 reports and so far they’ve just ignored me.
that’s why I created this post, to see if I can get them to pay attention :pensive:

There’s a huge backlog on reports. I sent one in over a week ago and haven’t seen a response. If you did it correctly you should have gotten a canned reply at least.


Your request (it was greyed out for a reason) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

To add additional comments, reply to this email.

This email is a service from Funcom. Delivered by Zendesk
Yog (Funcom)

Feb 22, 2021, 7:54 EST

Greetings, Exile!

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We will investigate your report and act according to the guidelines for official Conan Exiles servers. You can read these guidelines here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Please note:

  • Not all reports result in disciplinary action.

  • We will not be able to inform you of the results or actions taken.

  • We sometimes receive many reports at once, the investigation might take some time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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