3100 officially ps4 EU Server undermesh

Hello, I was on server 3100 recently. I have already read articles about server 3100 and thought it was really great. But unfortunately I had to find out that everything is being built there. I also saw some chairs on structures from the clan “Silent Legion”. Please order processing. Other clans seem to know the problems with this clan. Today I read here that there are also photos of how they do undermesh? So here is my experience of my short stay there.

Think you got your story mixed up buddy. Considering you undermesh raid bases

No no. there is no evidence in the pictures or in the video. no ids to recognize from the player you photographed. the bed roll is outside so it looks. I can only write what I saw. the server is packed with silent legion and many clans confirm that you are building under the map and in structures. it is said that there are also pictures of glitch spots from silent legion. I was not on the server for long but you seem to like to blame others.

Your pictures are from Private Server with admin Panal? You are funny

that is not proof. there are pictures of 2 servers. private server undermesh and 2 images from an official. these pictures can have been taken by 2 servers. everyone knows your tricks. therefore many go from the server. please stop the tricks.

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