Ps4 official server, undermesh storages

Hello everybody, recently me and my friends joined a server and after a couple days started a fight with other clan because they were about to build trebuchet near our base. We fight them for a couple days and already stole a lot of their loot and tried to raid them, but they just keep coming with new slaves and more exposives each time. Then a person who played on this server previously (and he is now) texted us and said that this clan stole their resourses (~1800 dragon powder) using undermesh and he also send me a screenshot of 3 of their storages, and these storages located undermesh (so, there is no way me and my friends could get them). I just want to clarify, do you as a developer allow such thing? And if not, is there a way for you to intervene? (we dont need these resourses, we just want a fair fight). Thanks in advance.

to extend, pvpwise we are stronger, almost everytime we fight they lost, but yesterday they build a base afar and shot our with barrages last 1;40 hours of pvp time (we ither have to farm 12 hours to repair it now, or move somewhere else). what is unfair about this, is that they have nothing to lose, while we have to spend our time fighting a clan whose resourses is unreachable for us. they also blocked a whole sulfur lake (ofc, they already have a ton of powder).

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