Hecatomb / Purge

The hecatomb should be constant.
At least three times a week.
pvp servers are almost empty.
So there is no adrenaline rush, all you can do is accumulate things by going in dungeons, killing bosses and so on.

Therefore, if there were a real threat, you would always be alert as your base could be severely damaged at least 3 times a week (every 48 hours). There would be more adrenaline and excitement in playing the game daily.

The game is about survival, it can’t be that easy.
I confess I don’t know how long it currently takes for the hecatombe meter to be full. I think it takes almost a month … It’s a long, long time.

How exciting it would be to have Cimmerians or relic hunters throwing orbs at their base. trying to destroy it …

It’s not hard to think about what it would be like.
Place the strength of the hecatomb according to the number and level of clan players.
If possible, in every hecatomb there should be an “aggressor” capable of destroying walls or foundations.

That would give you more active players.
I am, for example, from the alpha clan of an official pvp server and only log on spontaneously. Because there is nothing interesting to do …

I love the Purge. I would love to see an increase in the number of Purges. It’s a grind on my end to spawn three a week. Perhaps them lowering the numeric variable of the Purge bar itself would result in more frequent Purges on Officials.

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