Suggestion Regarding Purge Meter

SUGGESTION: Allow the purge meter to increase to 100% regardless of how much an individual is online and regardless of how complex their structure may be.

REASON: The forums are full of people complaining about griefers building walls and empty structures that prevent other players from accessing locations and/or resources. On PVE and PVE-C servers there is no way to combat this. A griefer needs to be online only once per week to maintain the griefing structure’s integrity, meaning that the griefers purge meter will never be much above zero percent. By making all structures subject to a purge, some of these obnoxious structures have a chance of being destroyed.

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So we should force people to play 27/7 just to get rid of griefs? I have a life outside the game and can’t be online so much. You have a report player system and if that’s not enough that’s should be another solution on this problem. Understand your frustration but this is not tamagotchi.

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You won’t have to play 24/7. You’ll only get purged when your purge meter is full, which will take about a week. What I’m saying is that a griefer only has to log on once per week to maintain their structure. So do you. However, you may want to be on when your purge meter fills up. As it now stands, it takes 5-7 days for a meter to hit 100% if you are very active, but inactive griefers will never get purged.


Not really, there’s very few things that can cause action to be taken.

Well at some point it was hinted that they will alter what we have to do to renew decay timers … I think partially to address this type of issue… but that’s not been expanded upon further.
So I’m the absence of that manifesting, I agree with the idea expressed here … that the purge meter should slowly increase for everyone who has a building on a server up to 100% so they are eligible for a purge periodically. They could link it similar what they did for pets … if not logged for 14 days then the purge meter is wiped.

My suggested rate would be 4% per day … so about every 25days ie 3.5 weeks or so a clan or solo player would be eligible to get random purge. This would mean that even those who log in simply to renew a timer would sometimes get hit. The purges I’ve seen aren’t that effective at destroying strong buildings …but might be enough to make breaks in blockingstructures to allow players access or break a longer blocking wall to spilt the structure into separate buildings so they can’t renew an entire network by logging into one spot.

The purge meter used to “hold steady” so even if you were less active you didn’t lose too much forward progress … but now Funcom has put in a decrease mechanism if you aren’t active … this hits players who have very little time to play … they can’t keep do enough divergent activities in the short periods they have to play to counter it falling whilst they are offline.

I would suggest about 15% per day, or once per week. Having to wait 25 days for a purge that “might” knock down some griefer structures is just too long. Besides, a lot of players (including myself) want to get purged. Right now, it’s the only way of potentially getting a blacksmith that can repair legendary weapons.

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As mention before, and other topics, they need remove foundation land claim, and move it to player placed flag or object that has a set radius, and limit flags they get. So even if all 40 people banned together…they can’t make a wall across map no more.

Or really block a object, (cause flag radius wouldn’t allow over lapping of no no areas, or other player base flags. there’d always be a small gap. )

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