Heck Juice Codes

Couple months ago i used H-Juice Code on my account to and now few days ago i wanted to use a new code again, i attached it to the account but yet i couldnt claim it in the ingame store… does that mean heck juice codes can only used once at all for 1 acc? or this is some kind of fc-incompetence bug?

I believe it’s only for 1 character otherwise it would be pretty crazy to get 8 220s.

If the account page accepted your code, I would expect it to work in-game. Did you check the store on a character that meets the requirements to use it? To prevent mistakes, you can’t see the level 100 boost on a 101 character for example.

its 1 per acc. 1x 1-60 and 1x 60-100

This is true for the subscription reward, but I think Champ bought one from steam. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any code to add to the account.

That is correct @saavick… i bought couple months ago code from Steam and used it on a toon… couple days ago i used another code from Steam and this time it said to me “ive already purchased enough of this blabla…”

Does that mean i wasted alot of my money for nothing?

Yeah unfortunately if you want to buy the colonist armor bundle or heckler juice from Steam for a 2nd time, you have to make another Steam account lol.

If you can’t enter it on the account page then it seems it’s indeed limited to one per account there too. :frowning:

The steam page doesn’t mention it though:

You can still use the code on a different account if you want to of course, but if not, I would recommend contacting support at funcom.com/help and explain your problem. Since it’s not explained on the sale page, I would expect them to offer a refund. Support is generally helpful. Note that I don’t work for funcom so it’s just my expectation as a player.

EDIT: Come to think of it, you’d probably have to contact steam support instead if you bought it via them.