Heker the Henpecked spawn rate nerfed?

I have been at the spawn point for Heker at E7 for several hours per day starting this past Sunday, and have not seen Heker spawn yet. He was allegedly at roughly 30% spawn rate in March. Was this nerfed or was this spawn point for him removed?


Same here. I’ve been over this spawn point time and time again for hours and never seen him once, which is very unusual. I think it might have been removed, or accidentally set to 0% chance.

Personally I haven’t seen any T4 blacksmith spawn except for the spawns that can be anything. I’ve been clearing Stygian camps and Heker’s spawn religiously with nothing.

Additionally, the BS spawn at New Khemi Docks no longer spawns on the server.

I did find a Bladesmith on the Ash side of the south Islands yesterday in an Accursed camp

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good to know, thanks!

From the day of the release 2.4 I found 3 named thralls in some of the camps lol

We had a Heker the Henpecked blacksmith before the update but he went missing after the update. I also can’t spawn him back in using the Admin panel as he doesn’t seem to exist there. Not sure if this is a bug or WAI but I’d like my named blacksmith back.

That’s kinda scary, Henpecked is the only blacksmith i know that makes the Legendary weapon repair kit, unless you get lucky in a surge. Still trying to find an armorsmith for the kits

he may be but he does on siptah, infact when put in a blacksmith his weapons don’t have increased damage at all. So perhaps his name was a bug too.

Camped the spawn for 2hours, killing everything. Never occurred. Wonder if they changed his spawn rate percentage.

Any named blacksmith called a tempersmith can make legendary weapon repair kits in the tinker bench. any named armorer called a temper wright can make legendary armor repair kits in the tinker bench.

Heker used to be a 100% spawn but at a longer respawn timer at that camp, but something must have changed, either he doesn’t spawn there anymore or he has become an extremely rare spawn - I tried with instant respawn in singleplayer, I didn’t count b ut it was several hundreds respawns, and in most cases it was a T1 or 2 blacksmith and once in a while it was a T3, but I never saw Heker or any other T4 blacksmith there, so my guess is that he has been removed or is bugged :slight_smile:

He is also an edgesmith in my game, but he can craft legendary repair kits :slight_smile:

new to this yes he is an edgesmith and he does make legendary weapon kits sorry

hope this list helps someone

its a bug. he shouldnt.

that may be so, but he also doesn’t make better weapons as an edgesmith so I think he was bugged with the wrong title.

Tha ks also possible :slight_smile: does it make it more durable?

Yep he was bugged, sadly he has been fixed.

He can no longer make legendairy repair kits?

all my Heker’s have absolutely no problem making legendary repair kits, don’t know why some say he can’t :thinking:

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