Hello Funcom, how are we supposed to

… reach the Thrall/Pet limit on official servers if we

  1. don‘t have a possibility to see how many thralls we have
  2. can‘t reach some thralls ( thralls under or in the mesh, thralls behind the green wall, thralls in the air and so on and so on)
  3. can‘t find our thralls (from previous tribe mates, tribe fusions, old raided bases or whatever…)

So please give us an option to see how many thralls we have and then give us a fair possibility to locate these thralls and kill them.

Here are some suggestions:

1.Do an option in the settings where we can see thralls as dots on the worldmap
2. give us like an area (100x100 foundations) kill switch
3. give us the option to kill all legacy pets/thralls
4. give us an option to pick up specific thralls + a kill switch to kill all placed thralls

  1. implement hunger/feeding system again for a time period so that thralls that you don‘t want or can‘t find die to hunger.
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