Please give us a fast way to kill our pets and thralls (PVE / PVE-C)

Hello, I’m just asking a fast way to kill my pets and thralls no longer needed.

If you decide to no longer mantain an outpost and you disband it or let it decay now, without the hunger system, you can’t in any way to let your useless pets and thralls die.

Ok, you can lead a boss to fight them (not Always applicable), you can pick them one by one anb lead them to fight a boss for the same purpose.

Maybe it exists also some strange ways to damage them even in pve/pve-c using orbs or explosives etc. but all of they are too time-consuming or resource consuming ways to simply kill your own pets and thralls, so players let them where they are, even in the air.

It will be a serious problem on official servers, so please give us a way to fast kill them !

I’d like any kind of way, but my suggestion could be just simple add the destroy button and function to kill them like they was a piece of a building.


Placing a craftable poison or potion in their inventory, which will kill them after a countdown timer expires would be good.

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+1 for being able to destroy pets and obsolete thralls. I am a single player guy and it will soon become a problem, once I start replacing thralls with better versions.


Yeah Im actually Singleplayer too Curratum. Fortunately a purge recently culled some unwanted (but unfortunately also wanted) thralls for me. But we really need a way to do it manually.

it could be a solution, but in that case if I have to craft things and consume resources… than it would be easier have back the hunger system imho.

Yeah Im all for reactivating the hunger system. It may not be perfect, but it was something. And it showed that Funcom is working on and concerned for a solution too.

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I didn’t wanted to tell this in the topic because 2 reasons.

1- I know most of players dislike to have to regularly feed their thralls/pets. And I just want a solution, really, of any kind. Not necessairly this one.

2- The hunger system had a big problem: if you overfeed your thralls/pets they was living even a months after you leaved the server. This was against the purpose of the system itself.

But yes, it worked better than the things are working now and it was funny for me so I agree with you.

Easier way in any case seems imho to let us just kill them like we could destroy one building… but really the problem exists so ANY kind of solution is welcome :slight_smile:

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Two ways to kill them =>

  1. Lava in volcano, stand guard the pet/thrall on lava… bye bye :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Spam simple palissades (also work with wall palissades but imo it’s a bit trickier) close to one of the others, and then place the pet/thrall between them… die from bleeding :o

I think having a system integrated in the game it will be better, but without it thanks you for the workarounds, I’ll try the second one :wink:

Exiles have bracelets that kill them when removed.

Why not simply extend this to a way we can forcibly remove our thrall’s bracelet?

As for animals, I haven’t yet had an animal I wanted to get rid of.

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Allow us to sell thralls (1 silver to 1 gold each) to a collesium north of jungle (future DLC upon my suggestion). Let us enter the said collesium and watch our former thralls (randomly chosen) batter their way to glory and become a legend on weekly hall of fames board. Hell let us bet on them.

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Maybe not a huge coliseum but a small one in a neutral city. A simple ring they can enter to battle it out.

Add to that a craftable ring you can put at your base. So you can pit your own thralls against one another. Same as you can do in Shadow of War.

Have the placeable setup so when you stick a thrall within it’s boundary, it will immediately fight any other NPC within the boundary, to the death.

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Solution would be to have an upkeep feature of a simple enough kind that performs on an automated basis.

Build block = Thrall Pot = meal cauldron
Build block = Animal Pen = pen and troughs
Build block = Gear Rack = equipment vault

Thrall Pot = food gauge
Animal Pen = food gauge
Gear Rack = equipment log

Food gauge = has efficiency levels
Equipment log = automated distribution

Levels = abundant, tolerable, risky, empty
Distribution = prepares checked thralls

Abundant = everything works fine
Tolerable = occasional pause and growling
Risky = some will flee or attack the master
Empty = can’t check thralls / pets, they flee

For food, thralls merely check themselves to a nearby pot. Pot doesn’t actually distribute food, but gives the illusion of it by affecting the occupation morale instead. For each thrall the gauge depletion speed grows faster.

For gear, thralls need to touch the rack to spawn the equipment they need for their assigned position. They cannot spawn gear that isn’t dropped to the rack. A rack needs to be linked to a pot so the thralls there can use it.

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