Getting rid of pets/thralls

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Type of issue: Misc
Server type: Any
Region: America

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  1. Somehow get too many pets/thralls
  2. Pre-Patch: Starve them, problem solved
  3. Post-Patch: Starve them, problem sol… wait, what?
  4. Pets/thralls everywhere…

I’ve been looking for topics about it since the patch, I can’t believe I’m actually the only one wanting to get rid of pets/thralls?

I somehow inherited a clan, it was a rather big one. Everyone is gone. But their pets are still there. I had started to starve them, process was rather slow, but it worked.

Now, I can’t do it anymore, with armies of pets and thralls everywhere, there seems to be no way to get rid of them.

The removal of the pet decay system was fine with me, but there needs to be a way to dismiss a pet.

Solution: Add a Dismiss option in the pet menu when clicking on them.

Go home pet/thrall! You’re not wanted anymore! You’re free!

Just put them in lava? Or near a boss?

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So i believe you play on a pve-server ? Still good to mention in a post. :wink:

In pvp it’s easy, kill them. Otherwise yes, i admit and see the problem now. Like posted, make them follow to a boss, and fight to dead. Or the volcano, can be a long trip depending, i know.

Dismiss option would be fine, but would provide with an other range of problems. I can imagine many dismissed thralls and pets standing around everywhere.

An other solution i know not very popular would be to limit the pets by player. Of course, many players wouldn’t love that, what is also understandable depending what style of game you like. So options, again options i think. At least for privat-servers and singleplayer.

I tried lava once, the thrall was just floating above it.

Even if both options worked, when you’re stuck with 100’s of them, it’s not fun to take them one by one for a trip to their death.

Ask an admin to kill them all?
It’s not fun but you can do nothing else sadly.

They obviously had reasons to disable the hunger system. However, keep in mind that this part of the forum isn’t made to gather opinions, but to report bugs and try to fix them.

Even if it’s not a bug, it cost nothing to help him.

He didnt specified the server’s type

You can drag a boss to them or place them near a boss … pre-patch it was roughly 7 pets to cheese a boss. Easy skeleton keys

I can’t help with the overall problem, but there is a solution I used when accumulating too many pets on a private server. I built a killing pit, sandstone, and used poison gas arrows. It took a few trips to get it done, and you are aware you can take two pets/thralls with the map room? One following, the other in ‘place’ mode.

Since you inherited the clan, all of them should now belong to you with full control.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

The way I have been getting rid of unwanted pets and thralls is place a Simple or Wall Palisade as close to them as possible, they will slowly start to take damage from the spikes and kill them in a few minutes :slight_smile:

I forgot that, nice idea!

Dismiss the pet and thralls, wonder what happen next. Oh yeah they start attacking you.:sweat_smile:

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