How to get rid of thralls/pets

So now that hunger no longer kills unwanted thralls and pets, what’s the most efficient way to get rid of them?

We would need simple commands like „go to“ or „attack“, then you can send them in lava, down the cliffs or let them attack several bosscreatures. :smiling_imp:
Meanwhile you only can take them with you on your journey to dangerous places.

Since they need to be in range of a base to be immune to hunger, I’d just go leave them out in the middle of nowhere. Nature will take its course. :grin:

:sob: don’t abandon your pets like that.


Really? I didn’t hear that proximity to your base had anything to do with the new hunger system. Can you confirm this?

Sometimes you just gotta upgrade😃

Just build them a little shack in the wilderness and put them there and tell them to guard. You never know when you need a safe haven.

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before I put them, naked, without food, far from thrall pot.
before that I used elevators.
Now, yeah, i think using lava.

I drop my unwanted off near a boss monster with no weapons.

Just run them into an NPC camp naked, with the way the NPCs fight now they wont have a chance. Plus you get to watch the show :slight_smile:

What about yeeting them into a Yog pit?

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It would be nice to trade thralls / pets with other players / clans. Maybe an “unclaim” feature

However on pvp servers you can in-fact let other clans take your thralls. Or put it another way, steal deployed thralls.

One can simply knock out an owned thrall from another clan and then drag them to a wheel they own.
They will then break like a regular thrall with the added bonus of keeping all gear that was on them.

If you ever want to trade thralls or are just wondering why your thralls keep disappearing with no deaths, now you know how.


Now Tascha, just think of it as ‘releasing them back into the wild’. :wink:


Well…if you want what I do. I’ll share it.

1: Volcano Lava Swim. Thralls love lava!

2: Run them over the Yog pit.

3: My favorite! Bring the thrall to a really high cliff. I have many around me. Place a sandstone foundation. Then place three or four cieling tiles off the cliff. Place the thrall. Then…blow up the foundation. You can imagine the rest.


You could also offer the a ‘severance package’ complete with ‘planking privileges’. That and many other fine ideas can be found right here:

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If we could sacrifice them on the altars then we could get rid of them that way.


When I opened this thread I was inspired, then I was chastened by @Tascha’s plea, then I gave in to Sparta and tried with all my might. You can’t even kick them off a hill.

Solo I kind of prefer Cimmerian Fight Club at the Mounds. Takes time, but it separates the wheat from the chaff.

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Put them fight Raid Bosses :smiley:

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Really!! Ah damn. Well at least I have Lava and the Cliff.

Dress as a pirate captain.

Build a plank.

Put thrall on plank.

Remove plank.

Profit (?)

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