Some way to dismiss thralls

Perhaps its just me but i have a whole squad of low level thralls just standing around doing nothing and to be honest i wouldn’t mind if they did anything but just stand there like idiots, at the moment i put them on the front lines of my base in the hopes that something will kill them but what would really help would be a way to dismiss them from my service. Again i wouldn’t mind if i could get them to do something other than just stand there. But a dismiss thrall would be easier for the developers


You can kill them yourself. Strip them of armour and weapon then practice combos with your weapon. They won’t try to strike back or even defend themselves. The body vanish when they die so don’t expect looting anything.
For crafter thralls you don’t need any more. Put them in your inventory, goes outside your base boundary and drop them. A loot bag with them will appear and decay like any loot bag.

On PvE servers we can NOT damage our thralls by hitting them ourselves.
We have to get more creative.
The easiest I’ve found is:
Place down a palisade or simple plalisade. Lift the thrall up with the “stand guard” command and put it back on the ground as close to the simple palisade as you can so that the thrall is in range of the spike damage the palisade has. The thrall/pet will be affected by the simple palisade spike/bleed damage and will quickly die. (RIP Unnamed bearer II who made me aware of thrall vulnerability to my own simple palisades. You are not forgotten and have saved many future followers. Whilst condemning the unwanted to death.)

Alternatives are:
B) Build a platform out over a very high place. Put the thrall on the end of it. Then destroy the tile the thrall is standing on so the thrall falls to its death.
C) take thrall on a walk through the volcano area and let the thrall path over the lava and die. If he doesn’t spontaneous run into the lava you might have to combine with method B… and build over the lava to drop him in. (This will work until Funcom fixes the current bug thralls and NPCs have with lava where they react like it’s earth but die from being in it.)
D) take the unwanted thrall with you when you are near tough boss like a world boss and let the world boss kill it whilst avoiding death yourself.


Where do you play? IF you can use mods then there is a very good mod to make your thralls do emotes while on guard. My thralls talk to each other for example or just watch dancers sitting or standing with their arms crossed. Looks nice and lively.

Love the sound of option B hahaha
@Ko6ka ps4 is very limited with no mods and only the most basic of admin panels

I know there are ways to deal with them, currently i leave them on the front lines of my base so they are hit first when the purge comes but i feel this should be a basic options for thrall commands, thinking about it now to keep in the style of the game it should be a “sacrifice thrall” command.

Well thats my idea.

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I feel your pain @Starscreamssniff having played on a PvE-Conflict offical server for 10 months.

Being unable to dismiss “outdated” thralls IS an issue.

It’s also one of the cycling suggestion we see on the forum (me too opened a topic about it).

I hope one day they’ll implement our prayers :wink:


“Dismiss Thrall” should not be too complicated beeing programmed, is it ?

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Well… that depends how you want to handle this and how the game is coded.

For example an option to kill a thrall you own like you can dismantle a foundation or a wall do not seems a big change.

But it’s dependent by how the code is. Maybe it IS a big change to do.

E) Similar to B, but plank the thrall into a Yog Pit. Doesn’t require nearly as much height to pull off.

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Instead of a boring dismiss option they could expand the religion system instead, let us sacrifice those who are unworthy for the glory of [insert any gods name]! And in exchange we get, i don’t know, recipes, weapons, a mini avatar to follow us around…a pet with the face of a random developer to boss around…it would be an incentive to keep capturing thralls even if we’re already fully decked out

…or just a relatively handy thrall bin for canning them. Sometimes the reward doesn’t have to be anything external. Sometimes having the feature itself is the actual reward. If one must have an external reward, have them give us the usual essences for sacrificing them.

so i can kill my own thralls if i dismantle the wrong foundation, but on pvp if i blow the foundation out from under a rivals thrall, it just goes full superman float. Love this game :confused:


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