Thralls dying in volcanos

Does anyone else have the problem of thralls just jumping on the lava and dying when I don’t go on it? They keep dying and it’s rather annoying


Yeah, we’ve all been complaining about it until we’re blue in the face. For the moment, the only solution is to avoid bringing thralls with you in the volcano.

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I’m screwed then my base is in the volcano lol

I have a base in volcano and I do not keep any thralls on guard here. As far as the thralls following me I do not have any issues of them running into lava anymore. If going down stairs or around lava I go slow and make sure thralls stays close to me. Other than that it’s been this way since the game came out. Sorry we weren’t much help.

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As long as your followers aren’t following, it’s manageable. On the occasions that I had to defend my volcano map room and workshop from the Purge, I brought my thrall with me, but I took precautions. The process looked like this:

  1. Put the thrall on follow and teleport to volcano.
  2. Wait for the thrall to teleport to me.
  3. Put the thrall on guard by the obelisk.
  4. Select “move and guard” without setting down the thrall (so the UI is showing where he would end up).
  5. Run part of the way to the destination.
  6. Set down the thrall to guard that spot.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until I get to my destination.

Same thing going back.

In short, you can bring thralls to the volcano and you can set them to guard your base. Just don’t let them follow you everywhere.

And, as KudosDude said, sorry we can’t be more helpful than that. Let’s hope Funcom fixes this eventually. Hopefully, they’ll just make followers immune to lava and fall damage.


at 20k hp a thrall has a life span of 3.5 seconds give or take in the lava.
it was tested by a player on my server for scientific use.

The Volcano god calls to them, they hear him in their minds as he tempts them into the next life, eventually the succumb and head his call, this pleases the Volcano spirit and prevents him from unleashing his wraith upon the land and washing away the exiled land in a river of flame and destruction.

Easiest way to avoid this when moving thralls around the area is use the gaurd and move to position instead of putting them on follow. So stand the thrall on gaurd on a location and when you want them to move just hold e select move and gaurd or whatever its called and then place them after you have traversed a tricky lava spot, the thrall will then teleport from where they are standing to the new location, from there once you are no longer around any lava you can tell them follow again.

Or you could you know :man_shrugging: keep feeding the Volcano god, I’m sure he doesnt mind.

I wonder why so many people are displeased with thralls dying in the volcano. It is just a place that you have to go alone to. :woman_shrugging:

Was yesterday at the Volcano… Was even at Brood-Guard-Issis, which is way of place and you have to climb over lava.

With a lvl4 ARCHER (~4k health). Made whole round and even left the volcano at Dragonmouth (ported to it via Obo).
No problem at all…

So what are you doing? Farming obsidian? Jumping through lava?

My kinda route:

Green route is way out of area via Dragonmouth (were I built a bridge).
Blue X is my volcano outpost.
Red is my normal route. Always make this with a thrall. Since ~6months. No thrall died.

With or without armor?

For the same reason they’re displeased with any other annoying bug. Yes, there’s a workaround. Yes, we should use it until the bug is fixed. But if you didn’t know about the bug or the workaround, it’s a kick in the unmentionables.

That was with mediocre armor

Generally just running around trying to gather thralls this time he died while I was going across an elevator

bridges everywhere

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