Thralls dieing in volcano

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]
Region: [US]

When im in the volcano with a thrall they keep glitching in the lava and dieing. Even on elevators the will appear in the lava on the side of a base and die. Ive lost 5 high level thralls because of this. Can we get a patch that keeps them from spawning in the lava when you stop running/climbing near lava. Or make it so the lava no longer affects thralls

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go to volcano around or climb near lava streams thrall die before having time to pull thrall out of lava

Hi InsaneZerstorer, and welcome to the forums.

Thralls being idiots and getting killed by terrain and environmental effects is a problem that has existed for as long as the game itself, I’m afraid. Lava is a particularly hazardous effect on thralls who don’t even care if they’re taking damage so they’ll happily cook themselves into crisp. Other people report their thralls trying to fly by leaping from high cliffs, forgetting to flap their arms really hard, and splatting themselves at the bottom. Or maybe they were trying to take a scenic selfie while standing on the edge.

Good news is, an AI rework is (hopefully) happening this year, considering how unanimously the player base is requesting it. Hopefully this’ll eventually lead to thralls recognizing environmental hazards and avoiding getting accidentally killed.

I’ve ran in the Volcano and across Skyfall Ridge (aka. “Thrallfall Ridge”) with a thrall many times and never lost one, but allegedly Single-Player thralls are slightly less idiotic with their pathfinding because the game can focus on driving only one at a time. Even NPCs with knockback attacks don’t seem to be able to push my thrall off a cliff.

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