How to get rid of thralls/pets

I’ve tried the plank thing. Ended up with a bunch of floating Lians.

With the HP buff they will in fact float for a little. But I have a creative solution.

You need to build on a cliff. Then use 3 to 4 cieling tiles.

At the bottom of said cliff I added those tiny palisades. I made a spike pit! Lian No More!

But after the easter egg thread and realizing that FC named the thralls after real people in their Dev team I feel a little more horrible about it.

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This calls for a dismanteling bench for thralls and pets! A large meat grinder maybe? Would make a nice diversity from your daily gruel, too. I want to offer my thralls the best treatment I can get, untile retirement. Anybody some sausages? No? :smiling_imp:


OMG, I just about sprayed coffee all over my monitor, and I’m laughing like a madman. :rofl:

Well played, sir, +1 Internets to you!


i wonder if this will work on b… :wink:

I like the idea of sacrificing them on altars and maybe getting a few of the religious items associated with that altar

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Funcom @Community you really need to think of an efficient way for your playerbase to be able to cull unwanted thralls and pets that have been placed in the world and are no longer wanted.

Since release we have had to go to elaborate means to kill unwanted thralls … from dragging them to world bosses, dropping them into Yog pits, to building platforms over high drops and then destroying them so they fall to their death … to abandoning them away from thrall pots / feed boxes so they starved to death … quite frankly this last method was the least troublesome of them all.
Now you have removed the starvation mechanism so we are back having to look for a way to cull the unwanted … and hope that in your fixes for the game you don’t remove yet another way we can do it (Eg Once an unplaced Yog pits passing over thralls would kill them = no longer as it was a bug that’s been fixed)

My suggestion is you add an euthanasia potion to either be hand-crafted or crafted at the fire-bowl cauldron … that we can put into the inventory of an unwanted thrall or pet … then select “use” when in their inventory and it kills them. Added the necessity for “use” means it will be less likely to be accidentally transferred to a thrall/pet and kill them.

I am opposed to adding a “kill” option to the radial wheel as that can be to easy to select accidentally … who hasn’t dismantled or picked up something by accident instead of selecting cancel.


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll bring it up with our team.

@Kwalya For RP reasons I’d prefer something that lets them jog off into the sunset, but yeah, we definitely need something with which to “retire” unwanted pets & thralls.


We just need a craftable item we could place in their inventories that would retire them! Doesnt need to be anything more complex than this. I think a option in their menu would be too dangerous as people could release them by accident. But placing a item in their inventory is more than reasonable to make them vanish forever.

Another way to implement a cull mechanism for the thralls/pets is adding a tick box to their inventory interface which we can tick to “kill” or if you want to be less brutal … “discharge from service”.

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Hey there,

Forgot to give a quick update about this: we sent your suggestions to our team and they’re currently considering a way to get rid of companions… permanently. You monsters.


Thank you kindly good sir.

I like the idea of retiring thralls, rather than killing them.

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