Killing own thralls/animals

I dont understand this, why cant we get rid of our own thralls/animals?

Extra player owned NPCs are just not good for the server, why cant we easily remove them in a button click? The new food system can get rid of unwanted thralls, but still that would take a full week, that means a full week of unecessary data in the servers when we could just discard them…

I do understand your suggestion, and It seems reasonable. However, Even with the option I won’t kill my own thralls, They have been part of my family during my level grow. But, what I do is to tell them to follow me for a nice, autumn, Volcano walk…


Well just put them out in the wiled Close to a boss and its gone…

but my ide about to use them as decoration and interact whit the home.

is a way to put use on for them.

Wouldnt it be just easier have a “Dismiss” option with an “Yes” “No” confirmation that would make the thrall vanish?


“I’m not going to fire you, but I AM going to light you on fire!”… I’m not sure you’re quite as generous as you might think, good sir!

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Trebuchet payload.

I wish…

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XDD. A thrall followed me through the map room -I swear I told him to stay in the villa- he survived all the gathering walk (the heat doesn’t seem to affect them), and just At the moment of returning home, he decided to walk into a little lava river (it seems that they cannot survive to the lava) but I promise that if he survived I would keep alive the lazy guy, we miss you bearer number 4 :sob:

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Ha ha ha ha :rofl:

-Where are we going master?
-Bob, do you remember all the times you prey me to return home but I always told you that your home is too far away and the only way to return home is flying?
-Come with me to take a walk…

Being able to kill them with a click of a button would be a bit too easy and emersion breaking in my opinion. Instead i’d rather sell the thralls back to cities in return for discounted vendor items or reputation items to go towards the shrines. That way it makes the player have to walk their thrall to a city and have to hand over ownership, say the set city? You could hand them into the wheel there in exchange for reputation items for shrines or discounts on set city vendors.

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Yes that is to easy to just autokill youre propety, After all they die quite easy anyway…

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Its not about murder button people, disband, send away, kill, release… it doesnt really matter! Its just about a option to make the thrall immediately vanish and disappear from your ownership.

I lured a boss creature to my base and 2/5 of my lesser wolves survived. I just got four greater wolves and am trying to just have them. I didn’t realize I had to give them the pict skin before placing them so now i have four greater wolves I want to replace and they can take a huge beating. This game is so frustrating at times.


Unless you want to harvest their corpse, then just use the “move” command to permanently relocate them outside the range of a feed box and they will eventually die.
Or put them in follow and run around using elevators a lot or climbing down cliffs and they will probably teleport to their death… or sprint around a base with spikes or palisades and they are likely to teleport into the palisades/spikes and die …RIP bearer II

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oki not a click of a button but a sword in the gut then ? also you could sacrifice them to set yog derketho or jhebbal for special buff

i m not sure it’s intended but taking a pit of yog (not even placing it ) and moving it under the thrall or pet will kill it i found this out once when running with the pit of yog to place it somewhere and mmm stumbling? into my bed suddenly ^^

helped me a lot to get ride of 24 bugged pet (voided pet due to moving around mods, can’t be killed annoying as hell) only the rhino survived they apparently don’t fit into the pit

Pretty much what Im asking for, a way to instantly get rid of unwanted thrall/pets. Why do we have to leave it outside the feed box and wait a full week to get rid of them? Why do we have to carry all way to the lava and toss them? Why do we have to jump a cliff to get rid of them?

Would it not be easier have a “DISMISS” command, or maybe even a tool (which would be safer, only takes a wrong command the you would lose the thrall), like the repair hammer, when used on a thrall would make it vanish?

Just carry them or have them follow you to a world boss.

Your thrall/animal won’t attack and be killed in seconds.

I’m trying just for greater animals and if they’re not, I’ll just put them in my inventory and carry them near a world boss, place them, aggro the world boss and take off letting the animals all get slaughtered.

We all know the in game mechanics to get rid of thralls, this is a suggestion topic requesting specific tools to help players do this.

If Yog’s pit can do it, hay can’t a command line do it?

You went on about you have to starve them for a week, I gave you an almost instant solution and you still complain about it.

Would a button click be nice? Yes. But that’s not in the game and likely never will be, since someone/s will likely hit the wrong button and kill their prized greater bear or Daicas. And then you’ll see another thread, on this very topic, to the exact opposite degree.

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