Killing own thralls/animals

Because they deserve to die making us feel bad for it, they were helping us when we were growing, and now that they have become obsolete we just want to “dismiss” them. And it is good that Funcom has incorporated the starving animation, so sad they haven’t put a big sad hesitant eyes animation too.
Well, out of jokes ( it’s good to laugh a little bit, we are not talking about any bug neither any “experience breaking” mechanic), guys, if you want a dismiss button or tool, good for you, I’m not against that, I cannot upvote it because I absolutely don’t care if the button exists, I will still “taking a walk” with them to give the oportunity to show that they still deserve to stay in home, and I have a few of them that are now part of the family although their low levels, it’s just my way don’t think much about it.
The artisans, that is another story. Like someone already sayd, those little lazy basdarts sitting all day in front of a 1538 Celsius degrees furnace (actually the iron melting point) while we are all day gathering resources for them, under the rain, in the darkness, with the only help of a suicidal bearer… I don’t have any moral dilema putting them in the inventory and dropping it a little bit far from the house with all the crap taken from the NPCs farming

they were buggged, impossible to target console had an error line here:
INFOL_DATAERROR:Thrall:[BP_NPC_Wildlife_HyenaSpotted_pet_C_0]PersistentHumanoidNPC Failed to find ThrallTemplateID: 0 UniqueID:_147517

nothing affected them shift del didn’t work since they couldn’t be targeted spawned a dragon on them aoe didn’t work and can’t be starved since they diseapered of the feeding pot list they were just here impossible to target or interact with that what i meant with void, anyway yog pit work but not for rhino which are too big if it ever happens to you ^^

I believe that funcom is working on or has fixed the bug that yog pits can kill when moving them over players/npcs before placing them.
Possibly only on PC at the moment or due to come to live soon.

Removing a useful bug?, I 'd rather leave this one in… and work on other more nasty ones.

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Not so useful when it’s yourself or a precious greater pet that you accidentally kill as you innocently try to place the pit.
I’ve lost count of the number of times a massive placeable has clipped over my character obscuring my view as I’m trying to position it … fortunately I had read about the deadly hovering yog pit before I placed it and stood well clear.

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Why not a ‘pull bracelet’ option for thralls?


That is a very good idea. But still a bit dangerous, choosing the wrong command would kill the thrall.

Thats why I tought about having an specific tool, like the repair hammer, you could interact and get rid of the thrall, much safer this way.

oh i didnt know about that, and found out the hard way lol :slight_smile:
(mind you, it was the first time my character died, and i got the hear the really good music theme that plays when you loose a character) :slight_smile:

Would be nice to be able to just stab them in the heart and watch them die. Have so many dancers in my base that I have to zig-zag just to get to my smithy. Just abandoning them in the desert or starving them is kinda cruel…

isnt that worse? :slight_smile:
maybe the softer version could just be, harvest this animal for food, and it plays the hunted animation and you can harvest with a tool as usual or something.

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