Releasing thralls

Is there a way to release a thrall short of killing them? I don’t see an option for this in the radial menu.

Well, you could decommission a thrall by having him walk the plank.

Build a 3 tile long ceiling over a cliff. Set the thrall on the third ceiling, then dismantle the second ceiling, ergo making the thrall fly.

It’s jolly great fun!

Hm… I haven’t tried making them fall into a Yog pit yet… That should award a manifestation of zeal!

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Or you can just kill him/her and harvest it with the tool :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh right, PvP. Almost forgot that mode was a thing -_-

Can’t you kill your thralls on PvE ?

Nope :stuck_out_tongue:

PvE Thralls are “laid off” in the cruelest ways ever, either starved to death or planked.
So your PvP thralls should consider themselves lucky in comparison; a quick and painful death, as a thank you for their service after having been tortured into said service.

The luckiest are the ARK Dino Babies tho. Those don’t remember being “culled” after hatching for failing to meet a criteria. The Conan Exiled thralls though… Such a cruel fate.

We need a way to “release” a thrall. Since they announced PvE thralls would be immune to player damage I knew this would happen.

Yes, we can always drag a thrall outside food range and wait it starve.
Yes, we can remove all their gear and bring them into combat.
Yes, we can drop it next to a boss and hope it aggros and kills it.

Question is, why we need to do all these complicated things (sometimes wait a full week until it starves) when we should have a way to simply disband that thrall? Why cant we craft a item, drop it on their inventory and it goes poof right away?

Its been asked for months, we need something like this already.

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I think simply sacrificing them onto an altar for some manifestation of zeal is good. It would be a very Lovecraftian thing to do.

Another quick way to kill them is to lead them into spikes or palisades. An archer of mine who came out to kill a local resident crocodile decided to stop within damage range of a small set of spikes … she slowly took damage until I rescued her.
At the moment having them on follow when running up long staircases or on elevators is also good way to kill thralls and pets … as they have a good chance of teleporting to their deaths.

Just run by some lava. Lord knows my T4 fighters (from the volcano no less) LOOOVE to dive in while fully geared up. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I trim my thralls and pets supply every time I am purged. I just send them all in to fight the invading purge. Reduces the purge forces and my supply of thralls/pets. They die gloriously rather than being slowly chopped to pieces by me…yuck.

You are a good master, for giving them a path into Valhalla!
You even make the effort to witness them!

HALCYON thats so cruel and terrible, I cant believe you would do something so mean and inhumane!! You should feel ashamed…

Is what I probably should be saying, but Im warped, so I love it!! 10 out of 10 for creativity. I was even inspired to try it myself on a lvl 1 thrall I named ‘Neil’. Aptly amed because he constantly stands in a semi-kneeling position (glitch maybe?). It was really annoying me and affecting morale, so I offered him a very generous severance package. Basically he was released from service and retired with with full plank…, sorry I mean ‘pension’ benefits.

By goodness it funny to watch too!

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I have a White Tiger world boss near my base. It’s informally known as “Decommissioner Goredon”. Haven’t tried Halcyon’s method yet, but I suppose it might be marginally better than being fed to a tiger.

A severance package in Conan Exiles consists of having your limbs severed and then everything is packed up.

We need a Conan Exiles dictionary!

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Friend if I had a gold coin for every severance package Ive handed out in Conan Exiles, I would have a large chest full of them by now. Yet somehow…it just never gets old.

Ps- I like the idea of decomissioner Gordon.

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I would like to be able to sell a Thrall at the slavemarket in Sepermeru. :smiling_imp:
Therefore and for immersion it would be great to chain the Thralls for the transport to Sepermeru. The transport should be possible with carts towed by mules, so I could transport more than one.
:scream: Hopefully the other players won’t hijack this transport. I need guarding!


In ARK, you can whip dinos to move forward a few inches.

shifts a gaze at Conan Exiles


and in Dungeons you can backhand your minions with your giant Fist of Evil™ if they don’t work fast enough… ah, for that kind of AI in CE… (been playing Dungeons 3 again lately. Sometimes you want to play a game where everything just works!)


I seriously need to get Dungeon 3.

I use to play Dungeon Keeper 2. My friends wouldn’t believe the Iron Maiden would heal if placed on a torture wheel, until I showed this to them.

They thought I was just being a horndog again.

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Yeah, however could they possibly make that mistake shifty eyes . :eyes:

But yeah, Dungeons is awesome (and on sale on Steam atm, or at least it was the other day).

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