Add Ability to "Release" Thralls and Pets from Service

I’m sure you have had this request before, but I have a suggestion for adding in a “release” thrall or pet from service by crafting a potion you place in their inventory which releases them from service.

This potion would only be craftable once you get the greater wheel of pain for thralls and the tier 3 pen for pets. It would be crafted in either a cauldron or an improved cauldron. It could even have a one to three minute expiration timer.

Once the thrall or pet is released from service they will become aggressive towards the releaser and must be eliminated. Or it could simply walk off into the sunset and fade away.

This would give us a way to rid ourselves of unwanted or lower tier thralls and pets when we can replace them with better ones or simply want less.


I’d be in favor of it letting them walk off into the sunset and despawn. It already annoys me that the only way to “release” them now is thru death, so it would be pretty frustrating if they implemented a method of dismissal that was basically the same thing.

Hell, Conan didn’t turn hostile toward his former master in the old movie when he was set free…

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Or…you could use them as a spy/informant to help out when raiding the faction you captured them from. Maybe it would give +x amount chance of finding named thralls in said camps or a small amount of damage reduction from NPC’s in their faction for 30 minutes or something.

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It is a little tedious, but I find leading the unlucky soon-to-be-ex-thralls into combat with a Boss usually works a treat :joy:

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There is a nice mod Strays_Thralls. It gives you ability to turn fighters and archers into actors doing some kind of animation: talking to each other, training, maybe just sitting or sleeping. You put token into their inventory and there it is. Very immersive, one can build a city and populate it with people. I’d like to see this functionality included into the vanilla game so console users could enjoy it as well (notwithstanding the fact that console users must suffer!)

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Good idea

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