Thrall overhaul needed, and some of the systems are already in place

So, I know there are a lot of posts on here about thralls already, so I wanted to make a suggestion which relies on systems already in place for pet taming and try to make the slaving system a bit better.

Currently, we have a total RNG spawn on the front end. We kill 50 NPCs, over and over, and end up with a Cimmerian Archer III, a Stygian Blacksmith III and a Taskmaster Journeyman. These then tame into what they are named, and frankly, the system is boring and predictable.

Slaughter villages over and over until you get the thralls to spawn that you need.

If you made each NPC spawn with a random name fitting to the Conan setting, and each had a chance to become a T2, T3 or T4 thrall during taming (much like the pet/greater pet system already in place), then we’d have some interesting randomity in place.

Plus, aside from the profession tag, you’d only have to do 1-2 sweeps in order to capture the thralls you needed/wanted, and then based on feeding/taming, you then may have the thralls you need. Rather than spending hours farming a town/habitat over and over again.

I’m just doing a sketch/outline on this, as there are many community members (and modders) which can contribute more toward this idea, which will make the system richer and less repetitive, and solve the whole “can we name thralls” aspect.

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