Bugged or missing Thralls / Pets - need assistance in removing them from the server

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict with mods]
Region: [USA - East Coast]

[Describe the bug here] The issue is a weird bug (which is probably only related to my server.) where my clan has lost / hidden./ bugged thralls (2) and pets (6). I wish to find a way to remove/kill those clan pets/thralls from the server so we can start fresh. I do not want to remove the other clans / single player thralls and pets. Only reason I know about them is Pippi mod tells you the number of pets and thralls are in the world for your clan and locations where. One I do know is a boar pet which oddly disappeared a while back but I had thought it died but the marker on Pippi showed it was in the spot where I had kept it. The other 7 are another player’s pets/thralls so no idea which ones they were and she hasn’t played since the Summer and last time she briefly popped on was Sept 23rd.

Having these pets in the world lowers the overall number of pets our clan have in the long run since these will count against us. They may or may not cause any other issues that I am unaware of since they are still on the server.

This is not something I can reproduce so I will skip that part. Just need a way to remove them from the server if there is a admin command for clan only pets/thralls. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Hey !
I’ve had a similar problem in singleplayer mode with a bunch of thralls/pets.
They were all gone undermesh.
I don’t know if you can do that in private server but if it helps :

  • in singleplayer, you can open the game.db with “DB Browser fo Sql”, find the missing thralls in actor_position (in my case they were at a z position under -900,000), then you can edit and save their position, or teleport to them via admin mode ig.

You mentioned that you are using Pippi on your server, correct?

You know that there is a Heatmap feature in the mod, that will show you where your pets and thralls are on the map?
You can do the same for the other player, just go to the clan tab in the mod and search for her clan or if she is a solo player you will have to check all the offline player in the first tab of the mob. Pull up the heatmap and go for all the thralls and pets over it.


Hello Daenaira:

Yes, I have Pippi, and I can see where they are on the map. Just they are not visibly there. Probably / most likely they serious in the undermesh as Sundown suggested. I did look under the mesh but did not spot the missing ones. I did find one during the clean up that was slightly below, but the other 8 were not visible (probably too far down). Thanks for the suggestion.

Hello Sundown:

I will look into your way of doing fixing the thrall issue on the server.
Thank you.

I did look at the DB file but I would be honest, I could not make heads or tails of it. There was nothing that far down and many things showed with a negative (perhaps the 8 lowest items were the missing thralls).

So I ended up taking a dive in undermesh and flew down for a while to find the missing pets/thralls and destroyed them.

All is good in the long run. Not sure what caused them to fall a certain distance below the mesh. They were all at different levels of depth.

Thanks for your comments of assistance.


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