Hello! Introduce yourself here!


I had (have) an adventurer called Nekkidnord (because naked nature man) but I was often called “He who live with Dynas”.

Also, welcome home to the forum AO :smiley:


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Time for moar NINOs


Hi, I’m Gimpy and wat is dis? :thinking:


Checking for fr00b posting ability…


There is only one true Gimpy :smiley: … Anyway… Returned to the game a few months ago. At the moment I’m on a froob account. Might open my payed accounts again in the future



Yes the AO content will continue.


Greetings everyone, it’s been a while since I was last in game but I shall return… :soon:


Hello all, might return for a bit if i can this thing to run well on my comp

  • betathanu/skillshot/dannycarey


Hiyas, I played about 14 years ago, missed it, now I’m back. I’m glad the game is sill alive.


Hi Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:



How to hit 15 characters minimum 1-0-1


Hello, I’m (generally) Hannah/Kittiefixie, but I’m known to have more faces than that occasionally.
In AO I’m mostly into the RP side and I also like drawing and writing things. I also love exploring.
IRL I spend a lot of time learning to be a better medic, and I write even more things.
My favourite things are tea, fire, steam locomotives, stories, monsters, conlanging, good food and nature.


My name is Tyrence.


Hi All Siftedsands here! Love the new look and hoping for goodies in June, Peace:sleeping:



Long time member of Angels of the Night here, currently still in AOTN (who got 3 active members)…
I came back, about in December, and is still active. :slight_smile:


Hopefully more people use this forums… On that note it would be nifty for FC to link this new splendid shindig on the www. anarchy-online .com website under Community. 404 isn’t nearly as friendly :v:



Hi guys, was a member of Athen Paladins on RK2 nearly 6 years ago. Got my fr00b MA (insaneevan for any APs around) up to 200 and sort of lost motivation. Going to be levelling a fr00b fixer up to get back into things and checking on all my old accounts. Glad to see AO’s still alive :slight_smile:


Well hello there!


Hi there. Poor froobs can finally (officially) post here as well. Or can they? Guess I’ll see…



I’m here, just don’t ask me any questions. All my knowledge is 2 patches/10 years out of date.