Anarchy online level 30 Froob pvp tournament RK5

Im hosting a froob duel tournament level 30 on december the 8th, at 19.00 GMT+1. I would like to bring back the good old times when tl2 was fun and competitive :slight_smile:
Rules :
Best of 3 ( max wait time betwen duels 3 mins )
New characters only ( ss /born ) November 15 and further on
Self buffed
Wrangled pets allowed
Kiting allowed
No predraining
No gauntlet buff
No sneaking before duel

1st place : 2b
2nd place : 1b
3rd place : 500m

Best social contest reward: 500m
Swiming twink council
Donated : Fubu

Dueling zone : Coast of peace - 1745.0, 718.4, 16.0 (1745.0 718.4 y 16.0 556)
Dueling and scoring : Best of 3 win gets you 2 PTS , Draw 1 PT and Lose 0 PT

The tournament will be ON , if i manage to get atlest 10 guys to sign up .
If any1 has any suggestions and improvements of the rules or anything im up for everything !
You can register here by entering your twink name or main name and proffesion, or you can send me an email [email protected] or ingame Obsidianfury,Thelastronin,Dhard. You may enter the tournament till December the 7th . - Discord for the tournament ( Fixed link now )

Gipsydanger : 30 Enforcer
Tenten666 :
Schmichael :
Gunz : 30 Doctor
Generalhawk :
Thelastronin : 30 Martial artist
Roctz : 30 Enforcer
Igotslimed : 30 Martial artist
Tibold : 30 Agent
Leenalphas : 30 Agent


You should also advertise on the AO fans Facebook page:

It’s somewhat more active then here.

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yesss lets get it, Igotslimed coming in for the win baby

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Yeah i posted there tho . Thanks for the advice !

What /born date determines the character is new? :slightly_smiling_face:

November 15 and further on . Il add that :slight_smile:

That sadly rules me out as I don’t have the time to lvl and twink new toons atm. :frowning: What is the reason behind this rule anyway? :slight_smile:

You level to 30 in like 1 hour w/o plvling , Generalfisty offered plvling for free 1-30 aswell . So its fair for every1 . No1 gets an advantage of halloween loot or anniversary . Its same for every1

December 8th is a while away, the main problem will be farming tokens before then. But even then daily mission can get you there pretty quickly.

I don’t do PVP but I think you should have either a whole event with pre-made implants only OR like in a boxing-weight class (heavy twinked, lazy twinked.)

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I see. However it’s less about lvling as it is about twinking, that’s the most time consuming part at this lvl, imo. At least for me it’s a matter of days to finish a twink I’d be satisfied with. Especially since I don’t have an army of alts for buffs and a TSer for implants. :confused: Anyway it’s your competition, your rules and it’s great to see that things like this still happen on Rubi-Ka. Just not for me anymore I guess. :confused:

Im always down to help people … if u manage to find the time pm me and il help you

Thank you, that’s really appreaciated. :slight_smile: I’ll send you a PM, if I decide to do this however it’s not likely atm :frowning:

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I really like the idea and would love to join but for me the date is just not possible. Not at home that day.

Leenalphas : 30 Agent

im in :slight_smile:

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Maybe we can arrange another date for you?

Awesome keep em comming lads :wink:

Isn’t fixer with Grid Armor gonna be OP?