Help, can't stop teleporting

The game keeps teleporting us randomly all over the map. It started a few days ago when we were going to farm black ice and we drank frost resistance potions, it gave me the armor buff instead and teleported us further into the region, then 10 min later it teleported us across the map and wouldn’t stop teleporting every 30 sec or so to random locations. I verified my files today, and my friend did the same, although he is on Geforce Now, However after about an hour in game it started again, then started spawning boss undead and dragons on us, but we have purge disabled in the settings, was just a chill boosted server we were using to build a big village in.

No mods, just increased gather rates and decreased craft times.

That’s interesting… :dizzy_face:
Are you able to ask your server admin to fall back to an older save?

Sounds like you have someone ingame, invisible, with admin control. (or its your clanmate playing dumb and doing it)
They are messing with you.
Random dragon spawning and teleporting like that isn’t a bug.

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