Help! I have been locked in a house in a player against environment and I can not leave

Well, it’s basically what you put in the title. I was robbed by a blacksmith, Level 3, and I went to the neighbor’s house to see if he had stolen it. I found him and when I was sending him a message I locked myself in a house and now I can not leave. The player is called *********** and mine is ***********. We are on the official server 1100 character against environment. Please I need help inmediately. Thank you.

Remove Bracelet and you’ll spawn at your bedroll or in the desert


And would I lose all my equipment? I say this because I’m going with a few legendary ones that cost me a lot to get :sob:

That depends on the server settings. If it have “Drop items on death” then yea, but Legendaries do not cost. You just have to kill world bosses, get the key from them and loot the chest nearby.

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The truth is that it does not cost much to get them but if you try to get some special and even more to leave them there and looting me taking advantage of a server player against environment … could I break all my objects? because otherwise … it does not seem fair that he should keep all my equipment. It is a server player against environment and is literally killing me a player.

I guess some people take “Environment” to heart in PVE. This other player is definitely a hostile part of the PVE experience, but he managed to trap you. Thus you have only two moves going forward: occupy yourself with minor chores around his base until he returns. And if he refuses to return, you loot all his possessions and threaten to remove bracelet when you know he’s offline. In so doing, all the stuffs will be lost. He will make a deal with you so that he doesn’t lose out in this deal as well.

Well, it’s not exactly my idea to play a game like this. The thing about catching me … It’s quite surreal, I’m aware of the disconnection that this game has (and it was the case). But if you have to play as if we were 4 years old … Okay. It’s really a bit absurd to do this because I’m not going to give him a single object as if I do not have to play in what’s left of beta. But I would like at least the developers to take this into account when it comes to saying that a server is a character versus an environment. If a player kills you see how you see it is player versus player you see where you see it. I do not die against the environment. Even so, thanks for the help and for the tricks, I will take them into account in the future.


Come close to the doors of the first person and throw off things, they will appear outside the door.

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Hahaha:joy::joy: It’s a good way to make me not find my things. Does anyone know when the objects disappear after releasing them?

I am cross-linking a thread on a similar development/issue in PVE. In this thread is a link to a response from the dev team about PVE and reaffirmation of its intended gameplay, with any luck ready for launch!

Thank you very much!

I would just loot everything in his base and remove my bracelet when he logs off even without a deal. I I could die under water or on top of a station like a temple even better “Oh, you stole my blacksmith? Well you just lost ALL your stuff.”

THat’s why you only should go into friends houses…
Sorry for your loss tho.

I fail to see how you might steal other’s possessions in pve. Everything is locked.

Well depending on what variant of PvE is, there are ways… (Such as getting people to join your guild, or if you can loot their body traping them in a room and letting thirst/hunger kill them and then looting their corpse after the environment has killed them…)

Perhaps doors should be usable by all players in PvE since all chests are locked anyways…

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You can delete decayed stuff of others and most of the stockpile will be there as a lootbag.
The “only” way one can steal from another person in PVE.

Sometimes you can chop their dead body up and get the loot. but that’s more likely a bug and not working 90% of the time.

Also we should have that old option to “unlock” chest on will. make things public … etc.
They should be closed by default but an option to unlock them would be good.
Same applies for everything. the only exception being other players shouldn’t ■■■■■■ priests / worker thralls / taskmasters but I would share my wheel near assgarden so ppl wouldn’t need to build there (boxhouses and ugly foundations with a wheel on it.)

They could use “mine” just like my public maproom.

But this only can be work if the taskmaster is not accessible by them.

Also I would place down chests which are publicly accessible and I wouldn’t just “destroy” “junk”.
If I could have the option to “gift” them in a public chest.

Also with the decay… IT WOULD BE REALLY COOL if other ppl would reset my decay timer when they use my public stuff.

That way the buildings in key areas with public service most likely never decay at all.
Only buildings which are ugly, on the wrong spot, or griefing stuff… so what ppl hate and should be deleted anyways :smiley:

Certainly, for pve it would be cool to be able to choose to let others use some crafting stations and doors (that lead to points of interest inside your headquarters.

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I play on a pvp server and my fish hut near the broken bridge I leave tons of cooked and uncooked fish for people. Not many take it but someone consistently takes a few now.

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