Read below to understand the case

I’m playing on a server where we have two tribes that abuse cheats as much as possible. ending the server preventing clans from playing, they use ESP speed hacking among others. It doesn’t matter where you are, they find you in seconds and only appear by your side, even if you kill yourself and are born in the desert, it appears in the desert with you.
when you remove the bracelet even inside your base completely protected by structures of the game (culvert for example) your whole loot disappears you look in the log and there it is that the guy took all your loot inside your base as soon as you kill yourself.
I recorded everything on video and also in prints.

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No. In the five years that I’ve been playing Conan Exiles, I have never had anyone do any undermeshing attacks or cheats that weren’t authorized by the server admin in my single player games. :crazy_face:

Welcome to the Forum. You should report this information to Zendesk Funcom. com give them all the information and videos you have do not. Mention clans and such on open forum blame and shame is discouraged. @paltora

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