Trapping players on pve conflict

I had a player i killed during pvp hours didnt take any of his loot. I just killed him then after pvp ended like an hr later he asked me to trade some weapons. In exchange for silver bars and alcemcial base he then said he was getting off and that he dropped in on the ground, and after i went inside his clanmate slid down and trapped me inside with ceiling tiles forcing me to remove bracelet and respawn i tried to summom corpse back but they harvested is this something i should report or is just the nature of the beast

I doubt you could report for this. The best thing to do is never enter someone else’s base in the future. I would even recommend this on pure PVE as well.


Thanks for reply just kinda seemed like a vindictive thing to do lol

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Did you have to remove braclet? If you logged off, and come back later, would they still be able to kill and loot you,?

It is. 100%.

Sorry mate.

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No ofense pls, just cant lose this joke. I bet you play on 1977 right? There´s a couple of trolls there, beware the teleport stones too, they could be traps too, i was killed by one last week, so this meme applies to me too. Lol

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I probably could have then tried to remove whenever they were off

You got tricked by the oldest trick in Conan :smiley:

If they can’t beat you in Combat they will break you somehow else.


You got played. Anytime you do an exchange, you run naked with only the exchange items on you.

A little advice as well. If someone comes to you for the exchange, you have a stronger negotiation point than they do if they are legit. They are wanting something you have so they should be more pliable to what you want to do vs demanding you comply with them. If they are not, it’s probably a trap.


Rule of thumb: If you ever find yourself thinking “I wonder if this could be a trap?”, the answer is always “yes”.

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One of my characters is actually inside someones house and i have no way out.I refuse to remove my bracelet just to be stubborn- lol! im like 17 and i got a cool place to stay!

Eventually they will go poof and ill be free.

Its too bad because i got a Red Mother bow to trade for a bladesmith and no secure way to trade it so i dont offer.

One of my archers will be uber for a while- :smile:

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