Exploits unfair trapping griefing



I was running grabbing brimstone on official server 3515 ps4 when i ran across and elevator instead of it being an elevator is wound up being a trap area. This group bigdickbandits have been harrassing people left and right and we are all tired of their bully tactics. I just lost all my gear because somehow they exploited a part of the game. I have been playing this game for many months and this is the first issue ive had with anyone. Im over it and it needs to be addressed as wrll as their name.



Well its a trap and it only work when someone stupid enough to trust someone else structure. Like even i discovered this trap to be effective but just learn from your mistake and dont do it again. There is no rules against Man made traps for MAN-kind.

A real exploit would be something like oh hey i a treasure chest on the landscape oh wait its a hole in the landscape you are dead now.


Sorry man that’s no exploit it’s a dic move but you should not snoop around people’s bases people do that to keep others out in case they wish to do harm


Actually now looking more closely at that trap, its a pretty crappy trap. you could easily get your stuff off of your body. Go to the edge of the hole and fall in and stand on the fence spikes, click your stuff and jump out. Normally those traps are a little deeper.


ayyyy they were on my very first ever conan server, what server you on man?


Wasnt snooping man was trying to get around and saw an opening to the otherside. It should not have been an issue to pass by


My solution for you, blow it up next raid time and send the builder a message lol I don’t go near other peoples stuff unless I’m scouting for someone


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