Trapped and cant get out

Hey Folks,

Whats the rules on players building structures on official servers that trap a player inside on pve? Am I just to die and lose all my belongings?

Only my 2 cents but:

  • if you logged out on someone else’s property and left your unconscious body there you kind of deserve it. Take the loss and have a laugh.

  • If OTOH, they did that to you near your own property or in the wilds, that’s a bit cheeky. It’s technically against the rule s and considered griefing. You still however have the option of taking the loss and having a laugh. Who knows, you might even make a friend. :slight_smile:

No, to be honest.
I was in awe of this players build. Went to go check it out thinking it was pretty kewl. Only to find out after running over the edge that all their spikes are facing inwards. Makes it impossible to climb out.
All because I was curious. Luckily I had followers. Gave them my Inventory. They can find their own way home.
So ya … Its a good laugh. Just a pain in the a$$


Ya it`s ok to trap you in there base. Players been doin it for years. Better look next time. It happened to me once. So the answer to your question there are no rules against it. When I go snoopin around I go with nothing on me and no followers.

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Aha trap bases are common on pvp servers too - rule of thumb with snooping around any peoples bases, make sure there’s a way out before going in. If you get caught inside, it’s pretty much on you.

Funnily enough the worst trap on bases was when your own pet blocked you into it.

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Ya, I can understand PvP, but I didnt realize players could be so asinine in PvE.

Played this game for years now. First time I’ve been dumb enough to fall into this trap. Haha. Guess I was to gung ho… maybe time to take a break.

Pull bracelet.
Get you high carry capacity thrall go back to trap and jump in with thrall
Load up thrall with you stuff
Pull bracelet and do other things for about 20 minutes. Thrall will return to their guard spot

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On my server ( PVE-C ) this clan built right next to me and on the pond south of my base. The structure they built was very nice and looked like a pool of aquamarine water you would want to swim in.
Unfortunately it was a trap, with the same inward facing spikes. Being below the waterline they were very difficult to see. It was pretty common in general chat to hear people asking if someone from this clan was on, because they were trapped in the pond, like a bug in a Venus fly trap.

I would call that “noob filter”. :slight_smile:


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