Is this considered griefing? What should I do?

Players have placed thralls outside of my base to prevent me from building. I put a box around one is that going to get me in trouble? I’ve been deleted for defending myself before. It seems crazy to report something like that. What should I do?

It might get you into trouble, only funcom knows for sure but I wouldnt risk it if I were you. Have you talked to the players, why are they putting the thralls there?


No I didn’t see who placed the thrall. I assume they’re angry about me existing on the server lol. I haven’t built very much I’ve played on this same server 5 years and every single one of these players are new. They have giant structures all over the map in the worst places also but I think they’re mad about my one tiny base lol. But still I can’t see who owns the thralls.

I guess I’ll remove the damn box but they been messing with me and I haven’t done anything about it. I have public map rooms but I put walls around them and I’ve never done that in the 5 years I’ve played. It’s a PVEC server also.

are they level 20 thralls? are there mobs nearby? maybe kite some enemies near them, and hope they dont have any food in their inventory to heal with, mobs might kill em


Hmm must be something else since how would they know youre a veteran on the server? :slightly_smiling_face:


And this is why palisades should STILL KILL thralls on pve.


Agreed. Not sure how I’m supposed to deal with this lmao.

It’s a horse with saddle lol. Guarding outside my door.

Idk lol I don’t talk to anyone really unless something happens or they ask for something. I also haven’t played in a few months. So they wouldn’t know but there is one other player on the server who would. He’s the only one whose been there since the start also. None of that matters just saying I’ve always been here and never harassed anyone. I’m a friendly public player and generally make things convenient which makes people mad sometimes. They don’t want to help other people progress.

There are players building traps on my server lol. Boxes you fall inside and can’t get out of… just saying. I’m not one of those players.

Good morning .
there are two possibilities to your problem
1- a lost enslaved npc who for some unknown reason does not return to its owner (although i highly doubt that this is not the case).
2- an attempt on the part of the opposing player to make you leave or to push you to commit a fault which will get you banned .
do not violate the TOS rules in any way because you will give your opponent an excuse to report you and you will then be temporarily excluded from the game (if this is the reason for the action of the indelicate player, he will have won.
contact Funcom support at this address:
Trying to contact the owner of the enslaved NPC to know the causes on the presence of his slave near your base and hope for a peaceful resolution of the problem (I do not believe too much)
hoping that Funcum resolves this concern quickly in the case where negotiation 'Do not succeed. good luck .

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Doesnt sound like a nice server at all, maybe you should observe the situation for awhile and see if more thralls appear and try to apprehend the culprit that way :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not lol. Never has been a nice server really. There is a long history but I’ve played this same character for years and have a lot of Recipes on her specially and I do kinda like waiting to see if any old players log on haha, or I would switch servers.

I didn’t report the player as I cannot see who placed the thrall but I did ask funcom what I should do lol.

In the most direct situation as you are on a PVE Conflict server, wait for PVP time and kill the enslavement of this player.
Anyway, he has nothing to do in front of your base (except deliberate provocation of the player in question).
He nor has nothing that this can do against you (in terms of registered regulations by FunCom) if you use a mechanics provided by the games By ellimating the bulky NPC

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Oh it’s a PVE-C server? Then why do you even ask? Just kill it. :smile:

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Its not possible to kill a guarding thrall even on pvp time on pve-conflict


No? Messed up that. I never played pve-c.

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You can only kill thralls that are following :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s understandable. But they should have that rule only on owned land.


Yea it’s pretty messed up that they can sic their thralls on you but you cannot just kill their thrall first. Definitely would’ve killed it haha.