Players killing thralls on pve servers

Our clan has had multiple thralls killed by players on a pve server. Names are listed in the clan event log. Only thralls outside are being killed so and our first bearer is still inside and hasn’t decayed or died. If they can’t hurt players then this should be fixed immediately or go back to them attacking players

Omg. I did not know that problem. What platform are you talking about (PC, PS4 or XBOXOne)? Killing the slaves of others should not be feasible. I’m playing alone and every ally is important. End. Griefers and such killers must be punished in PvE and create important building / killing restrictions! I’m following this post.

I’m on Xbox server 2725 and the clan Brobarians routinely kill any fighter/archers thralls outside of the building. I placed a lone archers on the roof last night they had to climb the walls to get in the yard and then climb the building if they chose to loot the body.

Hi there,

The developers are aware of the issue and they are working to fix the issue. hopefully there will be an update available soon that will resolve the issue.

Is there a ban or some form of punishment for those who are routinely exploiting the issue on a daily basis?

Not going online until those pests are gone.

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