HELP ME How do I invite a friend on Xbox?

Let’s see if I get to respond to this one before the thread gets locked! Sorry if my life gets in the way of the forum… but that was pretty crappy closing that thread before I was able to respond or get my issue resolved. Seem this forum works as well as the game. :frowning:

Ok, So I ended up getting this game thinking the game pass version was stopping us as we share a gold account as allowed by xbox.

We can play other co-op games without issue however we cannot seem to play Conan together.

This is ALL local… 2 x boxes, separate rooms, one set to home that the guest gets to share my gold games… I am on the other logged in.

So what is the big secret to get a friend into the same game without renting a server? Or is that the gimmick? Mandatory server rentals? LMAO! That would not surprise me… already sad enough you have to play on a server like an exhibitionist to run around topless but cannot do it in private. What’s up with that? I guess this is a topic for another post hahaha. And that was another let down… “FULL NUDITY = Topless?” LMAO!!! Applebite Animation now those girls do full nudity. :wink:

If anyone can answer this for me, PLEASE PM ME since I may not get back in the time frame necessary before this gets closed. >:(

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I sent you a private message.

Responded just now :slight_smile: Thanks

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