HELP - playing after 6 months

Hello everyone! After 6 months I started playing Conan Exiles again but I’m lost in this game and I really can’t find any way to start playing. I understand that there are many things in this game that I have to learn again, but I NEVER likely learn the basic thing - DODGE ROLL. How to use this roll as before? I tried to combine the way of playing but there is no way to get hit from the NPC. Can anyone tell me how to use this “new” thing? Because, as I can see, many players have a problem with it and everyone just scolds it and community servers have started using a mod that puts the old dodge roll back but that’s not a solution, I want to learn. Can anyone give me advice or tip? Well thank you

U combo

Get hit once, dogde immediately hit attack or block it will block or attack. or dogde, run

The Dodge key is the same, but t only works for light and medium armor. The Dodge is not longer a Disengage, if you dodge poorly or the enemy has a reach, you still get tagged.

It’s a practice thing. I still find it useful. I play only on official servers, so, no mods.

You need to use it to minimize the damage that is coming at you instead of a way to run away from it. As you are not immune, light armor is no longer as great as it used to be. You can still use daggers to flip with control but you have to keep switching back and forth if you dont want to use them all the time.

NEVER MIND! I am leaving again. After 6 months same bugs like bofre. This game is just wasting my time, nothing else. Bye

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