Help, speed hack and hk

Hello, I have a private server and it is early morning a player entered my server and abused programs (speed, hk, etc.). I have a server without MOD, I manipulate it only by command, and cheat panel (shift + insert).

My Server, conan-exiles com/server/89175/

I managed to find it in the logs.txt but I don’t know how to ban it.
Can someone help me?
Thank you in advance

[2021.01.28-08.52.34:771][198]LogNet: Join succeeded: 874368#94468
[2021.01.28-08.53.15:607][416]ConanSandbox:Warning: AConanPlayerController::Possess - Calling BattlEye::PlayerPossessed(this)
[2021.01.28-08.53.15:608][416]BattlEyeLogging: BattlEyeServer: Print Message: Player #25 ??? ( connected
[2021.01.28-08.53.15:608][416]BattlEyeLogging: BattlEyeServer: Registering player #26, with BattlEyePlayerGuid 76561199079779368 and name ‘ㅤㅤㅤㅤ’ (3F3F3F3F)
[2021.01.28-08.53.15:608][416]BattlEyeLogging: BattlEyeServer: Print Message: Player #25 ??? - BE GUID: fd408d467ad900d9e5f0a731ae3003d9

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