Help with Undermap bases :(

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug or exploit]
Region: [Europe]

So I have read about this A LOT of times, it was something usual in Asian servers last year. I took a break and stopped playing for a month and when I return to my clan, I find that my clanmates are upset because there is a tier 3 altar in “The Broken Highway”, the first one in the left. There is no light beam and no God’s coin. Could it be an underground base? Its a problem for other players because they cannot be raided like us. If they really know a method to enter under the map in that area probably know about get under map in some others. This is currently happening on the European server 3180, PS4, any user can go to check it in these days. We are gathering information to get them out of the area, we dont want players to left the server because other use exploits to protect their bases. It would be nice, Funcom, if you fix that error and patch the area. I have an idea: Every building in The Broken Highway will be destroyed, without saying anything. I hate cheaters and hackers, but i hate even more the exploiters. If you have cheats or hack the game ok, get your ban and say good bye but, exploits? Its a developers problem, they only need to take advantage of a development error and bother other players. Anyway, sorry, my english is not perfect but i need help from forums to understand how they enter undermap and how we can raid them or destroy that base, dont care about loot right now, just want a fair play :confused: Anyone know something about? and what is more important, a Funcom’s employee can read this and know what is happening in the European server of ps4 3180 and take actions? The only thing i know about them (the exploiters) is they are Italians, probably some italian’s community share that info or they found this in a forum, i dont know :frowning:

Hey @Kephler

We’re sorry about your frustrating experiences. We have fixed undermeshing exploits in our current Testlive patch, which will be released soon.

What is this subject are two SPARTANI clans and! GOMORRA! they constantly kill on the obelisks they use the error of playing under water they walk, they have infinite stamina and gemeralnie the whole server has enough of them. Just like me and my clan, conana exiles, because they beat us on server 3113 and now they will do it for 3180 but I hope that you will take a closer look at this situation as well as this player. And do not let go to the situation in which the connan game will lose players.

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Thank you so much Ignasis! I cant play at Testlive server bcs i am a console player but i hope you are right :slight_smile:

Yes!! SPARTANI and ! GOMORRA !, they are trash using glitches :confused: you play at 3180? Whats your clan?


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Im an old player from 3180. Can you tell me more about their actions in priv. The war became pointless when its full of glitches and exploits.And I hope funcom you will patch it asap. Same as the Jhabal Sag priests respawn rate and the avatar itself…

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