Game mode: [Online | Official PvP]
Problem: [ Exploit | Bug ]
Region: [Oceanic]

I’m currently playing on Official Server 3951 Oceanic. We have a clan that is undermeshing or may as well be considered undermeshing. Below I am showing a video of exactly what they have and what is possible on EVERY OFFICAL SERVER. This is my opinion is most definitely an exploit and should be seen and shared with everyone to get the attention it deserves so it can be fixed. How they have to get in to this spot proves in my opinion how unfair this is. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: remove spaces

https://www.youtube         .com/watch?v=sgAQ0XfAtZw

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to the tower across (north) from Priestking’s retreat that is on the wall separating the desert and the highlands
    2.The hole to mesh through is on the east side of tower (in between tower and cliff) and it is above the waterfall that is close to the tower.
  2. follow the steps in the video to mesh though (basically placing a number of foundations and dismantling them as you stand on them and bedrolls until u go through and can spawn deep inside)

:frowning: ssssssssss