Helpfull modules for bebot, available to all ingame

Hey all!
I have updated a couple of modules for bebot and made them public in my own bot. This means that everyone can send a tell to Isendyourcmd to use them even if you are not a member of the bot.
Isendyourcmd is the name of my bot and should be online 24/7.

Bound module
I have updated the old !bound module to have all raids available aswell as RF main quest CD.
Use ingame send:
/tell Isendyourcmd !bound

If you are a bebot owner add this in the “bebot folder/custom/modules”.
If you already have the old one you need to delete the database info for bound.

Recipes module
I found a module for recipes for AO on the bebot forum that I modified to work for AoC.
Use ingame send:
/tell Isendyourcmd !recipe
/tell Isendyourcmd !recipe trade
to see all currently added.

If you are a bebot owner add this in the “bebot folder/custom/modules”.

TimerAA module.
Use ingame:
/tell Isendyourcmd !help timeraa

If you are a bebot owner add this in the “bebot folder/custom/modules”.

Update: 06.05.2019
MeatHooks have updated the old !items module and created a NEW Central Items DB! woop :smiley:
How to use it:
You can also use it now by doing this ingame:
/tell Isendyourcmd !items < drag & drop item or items here >
/tell Isendyourcmd !items < name of item >

If you want this to be run in your guild bot, send a message to MeatHooks and he will help you set it up!

Hope someone find it usefull :smile:

Changelog for !recipe module:
28.04 Added base culture recipes.
28.04 Added culture weapons.
28.04 Added a list of all uncut gems.
01.05 Added Weaponsmith profession costs.

Thanks! The recipe module is indispensable. Is there a way to contribute to it, so that any player can add locations for ingredients or recipies?

I am not sure how I can make it easy to share and editable to others. If you want to contribute, I think you need to download the file, open in a text edit program (I use notepad and notepad++), edit/add new entries and maybe share it here.

I am using my own collected recipes and this:

Get the items database module working :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I would love to get that working again! I am just not sure how to make the backend code to add all the items to a database.
I do have a domain I could use for it, only need to get a working database and the code for it to work.

Would like help on that though.

I have also been thinking of resurrecting the Items module and database as of late.

I will take a look at the code again and see what I can come up with.

I will update back here in a few days and let you know what I figure out.

Awesome! Thanks alot! :smiley:

Ok, I think I am at the point where I can open up the new code to a couple outside guilds running BeBot that would like to test the new Central Items DB. :smiley:

Send me a private message here with the name of your guild bot and I will select a couple to start testing and send them back instructions for downloading the files, usage and the required passkey.

Once it is tested out well for a week or so, we can open it up for more people to use.



If anyone wants to add items to the new Central Items DB you can use this command:
/tell Isendyourcmd !items then at the end drag and drop the item you want to submit.
Remember you need to be friends with the bot first, use this: /friend Isendyourcmd