Raidforall opened bot

High level flatrolled raidbot opened to everyone.
We do rotating raids every day (Pande, Apf, Lox, etc) plus s42 once or twice a week.
So don’t wait to join us : /tell raidforall join

Rules for Raidforall

Behavior rules:

  1. Be nice to each other, we’re here to enjoy game together.
  2. No bullying or harming others, no drama, no PVP e-peen, no flag.
  3. Respect other players, raid leaders, admins and super admins.

Looting rules:
4. Loots will be handled by !flatroll.
5. No ninja looting.
6. Can loot for alts but looting toon must have item level requirement.
7. No selling, need over greed.
8. If nobody wants loot, it’s FFA or for others in Raidforall channel.

Raiding rules:
9. Follow raid leaders, admins, superadmins commands.
10. All instances/quests can be done (see below).
11. Raids must to be handled by raid leaders, admins or superadmins.
!where 12 to 16 (aka any packet mod / play bot) may lead to instant permaban!

Breaking upper rule(s) leads to kick and/or warning(s), then tempban, then permaban if repeated or critical.

Instance: Ipande, 12man, db1-3, POH, Subway, Collector, APF sectors, Vortex, Mitaar etc…
Quests: DIO, DBQ, AI etc…

Multiboxing is allowed as long as it is not GM bannable. And only for PVM purpose.
Streaming and recording (twitch, youtube, etc) are also totally welcomed.

Join our discord Raidforall

To help this project & support costs of hosting (for wiki, forum, bots, etc) go Bebot Wiki 2:General disclaimer - Bebot Wiki 2


Raidforall is keeping up with all previous activities and adding few more, as Spacequest’s Saturday XP events, or also Farm Team evenings for smaller-sized instances (e.g. Poh, Temple, Sub, DB, Alb, etc).

Join ingame => /tell raidforall join
Join discord => Raidforall

Raidforall is easy to access, has a fair system no matter which side you come from, and is new player friendly for those who are new to raiding.

Has been going strong for a while now, and probably will until the end of AO’s days.

Strongly recommend. ^^

Bump Bump :+1:

ATTENTION please : this thursday evening EU time, Zesp will initiate a Tchu spawn. Farm your boot/hhab items until then & be in Raidforall intime :wink:


Raidforall will have anniversary mid-january 2022 (1 year old), while we have over 3k members already, so thanks everyone that joined! During this 1st anniversary week, we will reward best !top players of all times (#1 raider/leader + later best damager) … with an ACDC each! So see you soon for more fun, enjoy staying with us! :slight_smile:

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During Halloween seasonal content, Raidforall offers you the opportunity to unite all forces & get loot access in our usual flatroll trend. Just make sure you observe our !rules (fairplay, no cheat/sync, etc) and /tell raidforall !join ASAP :smiley:

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I love raidforall! Fast clears, friendly and fair people, and always something coming up on tap!

Hey yo,

RFA did hit 700th raid since 1/2021, it means that we have had 70 raids in each month. RFA will be 1 year old at 1/2022. Lets see how many raids we can do until that. :slight_smile:


A couple of these were mentioned, just verifying. A few questions…

  1. This bot is for all sides? Raids are mixed containing; Omni, Clan, and “Neutral”?
  2. Everything is flatrolled - so no points system? Loot is completely RNG?
  3. Tara raids?
  4. Level requirement to joining?


  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. no pvp in a mixed sides raidbot
  4. 100
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1 month left before Raidforall’s 1st anniversary next January 18th!

During that week of festivity, we’ll reserve an East ACDC for #1 winners of 2 categories of our YEARLY !raid top : Leaders (which numbers raid leading power of our lovely crew) & Raiders (which numbers player’s attendance, alts of same raid ignored & top 5 Leaders excluded).

Those 2 winners will be able to choose their looting alt, or decline their prize that will go to next winner of same top within same conditions.

We’ll try to repeat this every year with a possible new category for 2023 : Damagers (which numbers dd effort, joined alts of same raid included).

That’s our way to thank the people who make Raidforall the nice place it is to enjoy AO together :slight_smile:

PS : remember you can support us in here Bebot Wiki 2:General disclaimer - Bebot Wiki 2

During this week, Raidforall is celebrating its first birthday as born 18th january 2021.
Over daily raids, we will therefore celebrate by rewarding 1 ACDC to each of our best Raider & best Leader of past year (we’ll introduce best Damager next year).

So here are our 2 happy winners for 2022 :

#1 Leader is Xpellen => our beloved Ellen has been a constant support to launch & organize all activities, going from 12man upto Ipande or APF

#1 Raider is Sillx => more than just participating many raids, he’s also frequently streaming RK19 or RK5 action on his twitch

Grats to these winners able to loot on their chosen 215+ character during 1 of our incoming friday or sunday s42 !

Through them both, let’s thank the whole Raidforall crew & community joining raids to enjoy AO content all together :slight_smile:

RFA rocks <3


RFA is now 1,5 year old, and we have done now 1500 raids!! See you in raids!!


We have done now about 1800 raids. It is good to see AO is still alive.

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