Its about looting

Question… people can still get looted during raid hours even when the “everybody can loot corpse” option is turned off?

a) Raid Hours has nothing to do with whether or not a corpse can be looted;

b) Unconscious / Logged-Off players can be looted regardless of raid time despite “Everyone Loot Corpse” setting;

c) Long-standing bug with “Everyone Loot Corpse” turned off, corpses can still be looted by selecting “Loot All” from radial menu (example bug report: Official pve corpse looting )

d) Make a Server Discord already!

a) thanks for that info
b) Yes i’ve notice that but there’s nothing wrong asking in a Conan Forums as well.

c) Admin interference is actually a good thing for a short amount of time, especially when you’re just starting a new server. Plus, it is not the sole reason the server suffered player loss. The real reason is because of the constant crash it had been going through under a bad HOST. The server been through 20 crashes before we transferred to a different host. After all those crashes people kept coming back, why? Because sometimes interference (if done the right way) will take you down the right path to make you a better Admin. If your players can see that in you then they will always comeback.

d) How about you make one…

e) Ill make a pitch while im here.

Sticks & Stones 4.0 Harvest/3.0xp
S&S has moved to a new host as of 1/2/20
U.S. Server (
This server is for people who work full-time. Full-time gamers are welcome too :slight_smile:

  • PVP 24/7
  • Only owners can recover loot from their corps.
  • Raid from 6pm to 10pm ET
  • Purge, Sat. thru Sun.
  • No gods
  • No wipes
  • No sand storm (lets be honest, its annoying)
  • Thrall timer reduce [0.50]
  • crafting time reduce to [0.30]
  • shorter nights longer days.
  • Defualt Combat settings
  • Cheap Dyes
  • Maproom near every Obelisk
  • Duel Arena (that’s stole from youtube)… hey, at least im honest.
  • Abandoment Enabled / Thrall decay 10days
  • Minion population limit 100
  • Ping limit 250

I don’t think I implied at all that it was wrong to ask, in fact I gave you answers in order to help.

But your players don’t see that because you are not transparent about it, giving the impression of dishonesty and sneakiness

I KNOW players that have left BECAUSE of your sneakiness. Not saying that others haven’t left because of crashes, but just because some of left because of hosting problems does not mean that others did not leave because of your secret interference to select group(s). Secret interference to only a select group of people is NOT a good thing EVER, is called Favoritism and kills servers faster than any other.

I’ve run two servers, thanks. It’s a lot of work and frankly I just want to play. If/When I restart I’ll be sure to let you know!

Make a Server Discord! :slight_smile:

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