Extra options to choose when bodies can be looted/equipment is lost on death

Can we get extended options to set what times players corpses can be looted and what times players don’t lose items on death?

I find even most private/public PvP servers are only ever one of two scenarios: “Run at 1st sight” or “Kill on sight” with the former being the case 99% of the time when people are not out actively raiding and the later only being when players are in a group raiding.

Adding extended options to set what times players bodies can be looted by others and set times that you don’t lose items when you die could make for a more casual PvP experience on PvP servers.

Adding the option to say, set it that only when Raid times are active can your corpses be looted by other players once you die, and only then do you drop items on death, would mean players would have much less reason to run from potential fights during non-raid hours

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