<RK19> Still Alive and Raiding

Hey Folks,

The Union on RK19 has recently launched an all sides raid bot called Mewraid. We have been doing a lot of Tara, Beast, and APF. The first and third weekends of the month we will feature raids for raffles with half points given; the second and fourth weekends will feature auction raids with full points; and any fifth weekend months will be raid leader choice. Feel free to come and join us, all are welcome. Generally raids will be announced at least an hour before we gather and step.

In fact, today we raided for 11 hours doing a full APF tour with a full Pande + Beast chaser that had 4 teams for the full run. One of our raiders was -so- inspired that he made this graphic:

For those folks who are wondering if there is still life on RK19: we are still here and kicking! Hope to see you soon!



Nice work! Also, I love the graphic :blush:


Raids were a really fun time sink… I love AO raids more than in any other game.