<RK19> What's up with Mewraid?

Hey Mews,

Mewraid is an all sides raidbot on RK2019 run by The Union. We do all the major raids:

  • Tarasque
  • Pandemonium
  • APF 13, 28, 35
  • 12 man
  • Sector 42

Additionally, we do regular spawns for Tchu and will coordinate for server celeboss events.

The bot works on an alternating schedule: one weekend will be auction raids using raid points and the next weekend will be raffle raids that give half-points. Raids run during the week are raid leader choice.

Scheduled raids right now:

Tchu - 6/6 @ ~1300 GMT. RL: Gearmaniac

Weekdays, if the raid force is there Cratmyneed will run APF tours
On weekends, Berael will generally run one APF tour and one beast raid if the raid force is interested


Possible Update: due to some account weirdness. Tchu might be delayed.