[Recruitment] The Union <RK19> [Neutral]

The Union on RK 2019 is recruiting!

Founded in 2003, TU is one of the longest running Neutral orgs that includes new players, returning players, and long time players. Our RK2019 org was founded the first day of the server as a cross server extension of the RK5 TU org. If you have a toon in TU on RK5 you are welcome on RK19 and vice versa!

On RK19 we feature:

  • An expansive Montroyal City including all buffing buildings -and- a Sauna for XP buffs (possibly the only on the server)
  • Generous tower contracts that double many of our city benefits
  • A bank full of gear to help outfit new players and characters
  • Helpful and generous players in many time zones with a strong sense community

We also host and run RK2019’s all-sides raid bot: Mewraid with a mission of helping everybody gain access to end game raid content no matter their faction! We raid:

  • Tarasque
  • Pandemonium
  • Alien Playfield
  • And also regularly spawn Tchu
    -We are also coordinating kills for the celebration bosses for the anniversary event!

If all of this sounds like fun! Message Berael in game!

The Union is lovely :heart: