Hey Funcom! Can we get a shovel? (Land level)

I find that with animal pens or any other larger items I am constantly getting the “overalapping terrain, not enough contact with ground” errors and in order to work around it I have to build giant foundation platforms to level the area (we’re talking upwards of 100+ foundation blocks in many cases) to deal with land elevation. Land elevation is cool and all but Having a shovel to maybe dig out a foundation block sized area to make it flat and create the contact points would be super helpful for building.


I agree with you in principle: I too abhor the giant foundation plans that some cities turn into, but… generally all ideas that want to mess with the ground plane (“the terrain”) are doomed to failure for technical reasons. It’s just not how the engine works. As such it would be a GIGANTIC task to do anything with this - significantly less than the “digging tunnels” idea that often comes up, but still a huge thing.

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