How about we can build on flat ground

I have to say I am beyond frustrated with this, every time you find flat ground clean it off, no trees, no rocks no NOTHING and still you can not build on it. Why someone explain to me why I can not build on flat sand or ground. Its always one of two messages. Overlapping with another object but there is nothing there nothing omg its just is so frustrating or the message not enough contact with the ground well I can not climb under it so can not get any more contact. You know this game is fun but who is heck wants to build a hundred foundations on sand to be able to add something come on.

I wish that would happen but I spend hours raising, lowering and moving the axis over and over and over over about the size of a foot ball field only way its to put down foundations and to be honest have found a lot of places like that on the map many many many places be great to build but not with foundations under every single thing. Its like there is something hidden under half the map that you are over lapping but if I put down a foundation puff instant build.

No I am not on official server and yes am running mods but none that effect ground or building on sand or dirt. Just want to build a village but not have things all on foundations.

Edit: Put some foundations on top of the sand no problem build, wow way to make you use more foundations funcom geeze!!

I’d rather stop the damn snapping on foundations.

Sometimes I want a set of foundations lower with building. And yet I’m stuck because it’s locked to the height of the one next to it.

There’s a trick to raise and lower foundations, by increments of 1/4 of block size. Here’s a short tutorial:

As you can see, in the final picture, the Khitan foundation is 1/4 block size higher than the Turanian, whereas the Frontier foundation is 1/2 block size lower than the Turanian (3/4 lower than the Khitan).

I hope that helps.


Press the middle mouse button.

Are you under the impression you are supposed to be able to place something like a wall without foundational support? If so, there’s a good chunk of your issues alone.


Fence foundations might also be of interest to you

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There’s a bunch of stuff that’s extremely fiddly to put down without foundations: animal pens, map rooms, wheels of pain, etc. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend putting those down without foundations anyway, because of the decay timer.

TY but not a mod issue have tested it without mods, its the way the building pieces work in game.

No I understand the need for foundations for walls, these were not walls but thank you for the press middle mouse button had tried that still shows as not able to build. I to be honest found it most frustrating so built different.

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