Hey what happened to Cimmerian Armor?

So, in the preview we had access to Cimmerian fur armor regular. Now the only one I can find is Cimmerian clan epic unlocked at 60. Is there a trainer or something i’m missing? Thanks guys.

All you can find is the fur armor? I know in the feats its separate but I haven’t really checked it out since official launch

yeah the cimmerian fur we used all the time and it was unlocked at like 30 or 40 i think in preview maybe lower, but now there is no until 60 for cimmerian fur, the vanir fur unlocks at 40 but thats not the cimmerian

Oh ok, yeah that was a change. You get the basic armor sets earlier level, but the epic sets all come at 60 no matter what racial armor it is. Cimmarian only has 2 basic sets heavy and fur. You can get a thrall eho can make the better stuff at earlier levels for you though.

thats what im saying where is the basic set? It cant be found in feats… only epic cimmerian at level 60, so only an armorer from cimmerian can make the lower level one?

No that’s not right. Something must be bugged.

ok thnxs I wasnt sure if we needed to talk to someone or what

Just making sure, but are you referring to the Vanir fur armor sets?? I know there’s a Vanir fur feat you can learn that unlocks a light/medium/heavy fur armor. The medium is the one I used to wear back in the day, which used to be called “Advanced Fur” or something like that.

no im talking about the cimmerian fur armor… if you go under feats and epic you can see it there but its level 60 to unlock, but in the preview they had a lower one which is not available now

You’re not getting it - The basic fur armor for the north you get is now all Vanir stuff. Cimmerian is now a cultural thing for the Epic sets.

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No, Moxin is talking about the regular/standart cimmerian fur armor which used to be called “fur armor” from what i remember and was available pretty early ( between lvl 20 and 30 i think). it was a brown/blue one.
i don’t like that armor but i’ll give it a look in my feats next time i play, because it’s true armors recipes have been changed and are a lot more now.
So i’ll tell you later if it’s still available as a “feats” recipe.

Ok Drukuku thank you. I wasnt sure and didnt know this. Thanks to everyone for the help!

yeah i think drukuku is right, it’s only vanir with different version of it now (light/medium/heavy).

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