Cimmerian Armor

Does it matter what rank of Cimmerian armorer I capture or can any rank craft Cimmerian steel armor?

In theory any rank should be able to make it though only the tier 4 named will be able to make the flawless version. Assuming all ranks of crafters work like the named, as the named is all I’ve tried, you’ll need an improved armorer’s bench, can train the feat for it at level 60, for the recipes from the crafter to show up.

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That’s good, I think the Cimmerian armor is probably the closest to the look I want. What level does the improved armorer’s bench get unlocked at?

Rank 1 and 2 only reduce materials used in crafting

Rank 3 unlocks exceptional armour - double armour rate, 50% bonus temperature resistance
Rank 4 unlocks flawlass armour - tripple armour rate, double temperature resistance

I haven’t seen helpful recipes on purge armourers. Still, a T4 armourer is awesome.

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I have one right now, one of the Black Hand NPCs from the Black Galleon.He can’t craft Cimmerian armor though and I don’t want to wait until level 60. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There’s a secret Hyena armour near the Black Galleon. Kush ite armourers can make its improved version.
Did you get a rank 4 Kush ite armourer?

btw ahaha the forum doesn’t take [email protected] :smiley:

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I didn’t know that but I’m going more for heavier knight kind of styled armor in this build. Ku-what? lol

It kinda sucks that the named armorer can craft only the epic version of the armor but not a regular flawless on the normal armorer bench.

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I just realized I already have the ability to make Hyena armor. I think I unlocked the recipe when I activated something at one of the camps.

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